About Elavo Solar Products

Elavo Energy Pvt. Ltd provides a high quality and cost effective solar energy solution under the brand name Elavo Solar. Our products are useful for both residential and commercial purpose. With a highly experience team under our belt, we design systems that are rich in quality. You can relax knowing that you are getting the right advice from experts in the solar power industry.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a premier solar Integrator. We also have experience in supplying and installing solar power system and power conditioning equipment.

Services and Application Areas

Our company headquarter is at Hyderabad and have a growing presence pan India with huge customer frontier to our credit and the number is increasing. We have a very strong skilled and service support made available within the shortest notice and within minimum duration time.

Our customer base represents to various segments such as residential, IT/BPO, Educational institution, Financial Institution, Logistics, Insurance, Hospitals, including manufacturing and process industries.

Elavo Solar – Product Quality

We Integrate various solar products required for standard market segment as well as custom built systems. The entire system manufactured and marketed by us are with the latest modern technology. Incorporating active power factor correction, Pulse Width Modulation technology with double conversion and in-built isolation transformer to check surge current and Spikes. In addition, Our power factor corrected UPS consume almost half the energy in comparison to conventional UPS phenomenally cost saving over time.

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